What You Should & Shouldn’t Do When Storing Your Kratom

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November 16, 2020 0 Comments

Have you been learning more about Kratom and thinking of purchasing some of your own for research? Often when people who have never purchased Kratom before do so for the first time, they neglect to look into the proper tools for storing the product. While some holistic products on the market can be kept for many years without the quality degrading, Kratom has active compounds that require specific storage environments. Check out some of the dos and don’ts outlined below.

Why Are The Storage Conditions So Important?

You may be wondering what makes Kratom storing so important? You need to prioritize the care and storage of your product so that it can stay potent. As the product you purchase at any vendor or online store comes from the mitragyna speciosa tree, the powders must be used in a specific time frame so that the natural ingredients do not go bad.

It is recommended that you use your Kratom within three months of purchasing. Depending on where you purchase your Kratom, you can speak to the vendor about your specific product’s recommended time. Whether or not you get capsules, powder, or extracts, the way you store your Kratom will vary. Even though three months is the average time, if you take the proper steps in ensuring the right storage, you may be able to extend this to well over a year.

Things You Should Do

Keep It Airtight: If you have Kratom whether it is powder, capsules, or extract, you need to ensure that it is an airtight container or bag. Outside influences can all heavily impact Kratom’s quality and potency to ensure that it does not become contaminated and keep it away from external factors like water and air.

Keep It Dry: You should always keep your Kratom dry no matter what form you are storing. If your Kratom becomes damp, it can grow mold and attract bacteria, which can be detrimental to your health. The moisture can also affect the consistency making it much more challenging to ingest or use.

Keep It Dark: Your Kratom storage space must be dark. Any light or UV rays could be very detrimental to your product. Some people choose to put their product in a dark cupboard or even store it in a dark glass bottle as they are very good at keeping light out.

Keep It Cool: Kratom does best in consistent environments, and the temperature must be cold if you want it to last. Unlike the plant that thrives in hot weather, the final product must be preserved by keeping it at colder temperatures.

Things You Shouldn’t Do

Let Your Kratom Breathe: Even though Kratom comes from a plant in its final form, it is no longer living, so it does not need air. It would help if you never left your Kratom in an open bag or a container without a lid. The components that make Kratom therapeutic can become damaged if exposed to the air for prolonged periods.

Assume Your Container Is Protection Enough: Even if you have the best container that can keep items protected from moisture, if the environment where you are storing the box is moist, it can ruin your Kratom. If you forget to close the lid properly, even one time, the amount of moisture that seeps it can hinder the product.

Use Equipment: Some people think that they can store Kratom in the same humidors or small fridges where they keep their cigars, but you should not do this. As Kratom is different from any of the other substances you may have, it will not behave well in an environment suited for a different product.

Put Your Kratom In A Drafty Area: You don’t want to put your Kratom in an area where there is airflow or fluctuating temperatures. Keep it away from anywhere near your ventilation system or fans, as this can affect the quality of the product.

Always Remember

One of the primary things you need to remember when you have Kratom is that the better the quality, the easier it will be taken care of and stored. The first step in ensuring you will have your product last longer is by working with a reputable dealer. If you are buying extra and will be storing, make sure that it is an area equipped to handle it for an extended period. Once you remove it from your long-term storage, make sure to use it right away as it will quickly go bad. Some people who tend to buy a ton often consider vacuum sealing their product or freeze it.

If you try to treat your Kratom with care, you can guarantee that you will have a more pleasant experience. Throughout your research, you can determine the best storage solution for your home, and over time you will become an expert at Kratom storing.

Author : Andy Cyrus