Using Kratom Powder To Make Tea

Having a cup of tea has long been a tradition in cultures around the world. Over time the method used to create teas has changed profoundly and is now primarily based on personal preference. The same goes for Kratom tea. When you make Kratom tea, you can choose how strong or weak you want to make it, while also controlling the sweetness and taste, by combining it with honey or other teas. However, when it comes to brewing the leaves, you should try and follow a specific method to reap all the benefits Kratom can offer.

Kratom Tea

Some people tend to get confused when making Kratom tea, and while it may seem straightforward, as there are so many types of products, it can be a bit confusing. When making Kratom tea, you can use the leaves from the tree, let them stand in hot water, or combine Kratom powder with hot water. Using just the leaves steeped in hot water tends to offer a weaker tea, whereas using the powder ensures that your tea is infused with active alkaloids. There is also evidence to suggest that using both the powder and leaves in a cup of hot water can provide a favorable concoction. It is important to remember that you will need much more when using just leaves, whereas for powder, you only require a small amount.

Do Extracts Work For Tea?

While you would think that using a Kratom extract for your tea would provide the same effects and make a successful brew, it is not correct. When making Kratom tea, you should be using Kratom powder instead of extract. The extracts are a concentrated form of Kratom and contain hefty doses of alkaloids. These components can break down easily in hot water, and if you use the wrong amount, you can end up with an oversaturated pot of tea. Using the extract is unpredictable, where the powders will provide you with consistent results.

Making Kratom Tea: The Method

Making Kratom tea is sometimes easier said than done. It is not as easy as just adding some Kratom powder to a cup of boiling water. Many people don’t realize that the water needs to be at a specific temperature when making any tea. Water that is too hot can burn the leaves and alter the chemical composition of the tea.

Here are the necessary steps you must take to make a successful cup of Kratom tea:

  1. Boil a large pot of water. You will measure later on.
  2. Add .5 grams of Kratom powder to a mug.
  3. After the water has cooled a bit, add 1 cup of water to the mug.
  4. You can then add in your favorite type of tea (make sure the water is at the right temperature before doing so).
  5. Add in some honey or maple syrup to sweeten.

Buying Kratom Tea

While there may be the odd place where you can purchase Kratom tea already made, most Kratom distributors will not sell Kratom tea. However, they will be selling large quantities of Kratom powder, which you can then use to make your tea. If you follow the above recipe, you can guarantee a quality cup of Kratom tea.

Does Any Kratom Work?

The only Kratom you should use for your tea is that bought from a trustworthy source. A Kratom supplier that has ensured their product is lab tested and contamination-free is a supplier that will undoubtedly have the best powders for your tea.

As you attempt to make Kratom tea and learn more about the herb, you must behave responsibly. Check up on local Kratom laws and make sure that your research operates within legal limits.

Author : Andy Cyrus