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October 18, 2018 6 Comments

Kratom Mystic was founded just a handful of years ago, and our goal is to consistently provide our loyal base of customers with Mitragyna speciosa ethnobotanical products that are always of a consistent high-quality variety.

We seek out kratom trees that are grown in organic soil with organic fertilizer as to best meet its customers’ needs. Further, its powdered leaf kratom is said to have a “high alkaloid content” in the name of “consistency in botanical research.”

What is kratom?

Kratom has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, though United States consumers have widely used leaves from the Mitragyna speciosa tree – that’s the definition of kratom, if you’re taking notes – throughout the past two full decades.

The use of Mitragyna speciosa leaves first become widely known by Americans upon the end of the Vietnam War. Since kratom can and does grow freely in Vietnam and surrounding countries, tens of thousands of soldiers brought hefty amounts of kratom back with them to the United States. In general, Americans didn’t go that crazy over kratom once the veterans brought it back, though the veteran community liked kratom due to its positive effects on the ultra-heavy mental and physical strain that war induced on them.

What does kratom look like?

Kratom either comes in powdered leaf or crushed leaf form. If you’ve ever seen flour, powdered leaf kratom has the same consistency. Crushed leaves roughly resemble potato chip crumbs at the bottom of a finished bag.

Green Bali – it’s imported from both Indonesia and Malaysia

When people buy kratom, they’re almost always interested in strains that are the proverbial jacks of all trades as opposed to those with strong characteristics in specific, isolated areas.

Green Bali is one of Kratom Mystic’s most popular “do-it-all” strains.

This enhanced strain will knock your socks off!

Ultra Enhanced Indo, often abbreviated to UEI, contains a fair amount of alkaloid extract. It’s possible for experienced teams of kratom professionals like those at Kratom Mystic to chemically, systematically pick out virtually all leaf particles while leaving behind the active ingredients in kratom leaves.

Maeng Da is the all-time favorite of kratom

Maeng Da kratom – if you didn’t know already, “Maeng Da” is said to translate to “Pimp Grade” in Thai – is a blend of red, white, and green Maeng Da varieties to provide consumers with a well-rounded incense burn experience.

Author : Andy Cyrus


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    Yes I’am trying kratom for the very first time..ordered 3 strains a little of each! Thanks for the info much appreciated ?

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    I’d like to try your kratom. I’m an avid kratom user. But your website will not allow me to order any of the 3 ways so I guess I’ll chill till you guys figure it out

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