Smoking Kratom: Is it Safe?

While it is possible to smoke Kratom, some people say that it’s not healthy.


Taking a dose of Kratom by smoking it directly can have highly detrimental side effects, like severe damage to more vulnerable organs, like the lungs and your central nervous system.


Even if you opted to smoke a raw Kratom leaf, it could have disastrous effects on the capillaries in your lungs. For everybody’s wellness, just stick to proven products like the powder or the capsules. With that said, it is essential to explore why these other modes are far healthier for users.


There are so many ways to enjoy it that don’t have any potential for danger. Let’s unpack our argument, shall we?


Why Would Someone Smoke Kratom?

For many people, Kratom is a little bit mysterious, and it raises a few questions. Because clinical trials are pretty limited, as they are extremely expensive, many questions are left answered. However, on the subject of smoking Kratom, there are many parallels between Kratom and other substances like cannabis and tobacco.


To further understand what we’re talking about, let’s look at the lungs. In the air sacs, there are a lot of capillaries. Capillaries are, essentially, a series of blood vessels that are in charge of transporting oxygen and other important chemicals to your major organs, including your brain and heart, amongst many others.


Take, for example, smoking cannabis; those speedy capillaries transport the cannabinoids that are active in the smoke to the brain instead of what it would normally take, oxygen particles. This initiates the effect of these cannabinoids. Cannabis users can feel the effects of the smoke as soon as 30 minutes after they smoke. This is as opposed to other ways to ingest cannabis, including eating it, which can take up to four hours to reach the central nervous system.


Interestingly enough, these special capillaries have a straight connection to the central nervous system, which is in control of how our body reacts to the stimuli externally and internally, including from products such as Kratom. Due to the fact that smoking activates the effects of a substance much faster than ingesting it orally, it can be attractive to opt for the fast-acting results rather than choosing a capsule format.


Smoking Kratom: Why It’s Just a Really Bad Idea


It seems that the practice of smoking dried Kratom leaves actually originated in Southeast Asia. Locals chew the dried leaves or brew them into tea.


In the United States, raw and unprocessed Kratom leaves are a lot less popular because they don’t actually grow naturally there. Some users try to smoke the powder or sprinkle the powder on top of other smoking substances, including cannabis and tobacco. But keep in mind, this can bring about dangerous side effects.


Take into consideration, cannabis, which has exceedingly potent effects upon the central nervous system when combined with Kratom. If combined with tobacco, Kratom can be very toxic as well. To be more specific, mixing tobacco and Kratom is reported to have also had rather toxic effects on your liver. Therefore, it’s important to avoid ingesting Kratom in tandem with any other substances that affect the liver in the same way.


Smoking Kratom and the Long-Term Side Effects


There are some users that prefer to smoke Kratom, much like one would smoke cannabis or tobacco. However, as mentioned, smoking Kratom can have dangerous long-term side effects on your health.


Kratom isn’t supposed to be smoked; it’s not biologically designed for that. Anyway, we all know how bad smoking is for you. It can cause lung disease, damage your airways, and even chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can develop.


Symptoms include coughing, extreme shortness of breath, tightness/discomfort in the chest, a notably weakened immune system, and an overall inability to perform physical activity. Along with this, did you know that smokers are over ten times more likely to die from this than people who do not smoke?  It’s a lot more dangerous than one would think.


As mentioned, there really aren’t any studies on combining smoking and Kratom, and the effects this practice has on the central nervous system, but, of course, there is a lot of evidence that underscores the smoking cannabis and or tobacco will have long-term effects on the brain and lungs. Therefore, it’s plausible to assume that Kratom would have the same effects if smoked.


Lastly, it’s difficult to tell how much to smoke because many Kratom users make the critical error of trying to smoke large amounts of Kratom. You see, there is a difference in the way that your body absorbs something if it’s ingested or smoked. Therefore, stick to the more conventional ways to consume Kratom.


Better and Healthier Ways to Ingest Your Kratom

When you boil it down, or in this case, mix it in, the powder is perhaps the easiest alternative to use. It can be mixed into a delicious tea or even water. Some people like it in their morning coffee. Many users like Kratom powder because it allows them to measure the perfect dose.


But what about the capsules? While the powder is the most appropriate choice for people who like to add Kratom to their favorite beverages, however, capsules make the process even easier. Because the capsules are pre-measured doses, it allows for the simplest mode of ingestion.


Are You Still Thinking About Smoking Kratom?

Thanks to a variety of products, like capsules and powder, there really are no benefits to smoking it. The fastest way to ingest and absorb Kratom is by mixing it into a drink. Without the important research and information that has yet to be conducted on Kratom, putting ourselves in danger just isn’t worth it. This is especially the case with so many other ways to enjoy Kratom.

Author : Andy Cyrus