Shopping for a Place to Shop: How to Choose a Kratom Vendor

Whether you’re new to the powers of Kratom or you’ve been enjoying this natural product for a long time, the opportunities are endless to purchase it online. However, it’s always a little bit unnerving to shop online when you consider how many poorly produced products there are in the Kratom industry, especially when they include synthetic materials.


There are a ton of Kratom vendors online and off, and the market is flooded with products. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the whole idea of going shopping for it because there are so many options. Luckily there are some significant criteria to remember that will help you shop with ease for Kratom; however you enjoy consuming it.


So, how do you sift the best possible options out of all of the vendors out there? Here are some key characteristics that you need to remember when you’re shopping for Kratom.


Some of the key traits that make a good Kratom vendor, especially online, include:

  • Making sure that quality is a top priority. The best experience you’ll have with Kratom will be as a capsule form or powder. It is extremely important to find a potent and totally natural extract that suits your needs. The quality should be evident in the ratings online as well as from word-of-mouth, or as well as social media.
  • Vendors should offer a variety of high-quality strains of Kratom. Sadly, not all Kratom is created equal, and depending on the needs of the user, certain strains will be more effective. You don’t want to purchase the wrong strain and experience a less than stellar experience. For example, a good vendor may offer a variety of Kratom capsules, the highest potency, and all-natural ultra Kratom powder.
  • There are a host of popular regional varieties of Kratom leaves from Bali, Indonesia, Sumatra, and Borneo.
  • Make sure you’re shopping for the only Kratom that was lab tested. A product like Kratom needs to have an indication on its packaging that it was lab-tested because it shows that it’s been scientifically evaluated. Being lab-tested gives it a sort of hallmark of quality in terms of the vendor. The highest level of products will have no problem providing certificates of analysis from independent labs that are guaranteed. These types of certificates show that the content of the product that you’ll be consuming is high-quality Kratom, with no questions about quality.
  • The truth of the matter is that somebody, actually a lot of people, as in vendors, like to cut corners. Using farms that don’t have sustainable or toxic practices often produce low-alkaloid Kratom due to the quality of the leaves. These poor manufacturing procedures can also alter the Kratom powder. Some businesses are notorious for especially unsanitary procedures for handling, which have resulted in contamination and disease. If you buy a second-rate product, your risk of significant health risks is much higher.
  • Laboratory testing, again, is the only way to ensure that the Kratom product that you’ll be ingesting is safe, free to consume, pure, and extremely potent. Don’t forget that the lab testing the lab should be completed independently.


How to Judge a Kratom Vendor


There are a number of ways to judge a Kratom vendor, and the most important way is by their reputation within the community. Sometimes it’s hard to judge the quality of a vendor’s products, but their reputation in the Kratom community is much easier to get information on thanks to the internet and social media. There are a few things to look out for in terms of ensuring that Kratom users all over the world respect and like purchasing from a certain vendor.


  • Evaluate the customer reviews: any online storefront has some kind of rating, and if it doesn’t, then it’s probably not reputable. Customers always have a voice, and if it’s utter silence, that’s a really bad sign.
  • When shopping with a new vendor for a new Kratom product, be sure to look at the past reviews and what customers have to say about the experience in general. There should be lots of reviews. The more, the better. If a provider has a good reputation, is respected within the community, and has a strong following, it’s likely that their products have a bunch of super honest reviews that look legitimate. There should be some negative reviews too. It should not all be positive.
  • Ensure that the reviews that are on the different platforms are legitimate and aren’t bots. Sometimes, really dodgy brands will use falsified accounts to do falsified reviews, but it’s pretty obvious when they are fake.
  • Go with your gut. You can read all the reviews in the world, hear from word-of-mouth that a given option so great, but until you find a Kratom provider that works for you, that carries the products that you want at prices that you like, everything else seems like a waste of time.
  • Make sure products are produced authentically, and don’t come with a mixture of synthetic materials within the Kratom product. If it’s natural, it’ll be better for the consumer and much more potent to meet the needs of the variety of users that enjoy it.


Kratom has many ways to fit your preferences, needs, and lifestyle. You can mix it in a drink, hot or cold, or you can ingest it via capsule. Kratom should not be smoked, though some people do sprinkle it on a cigarette. It’s also important to note that Kratom is for research purposes only.

Author : Andy Cyrus