Maeng Da Kratom: All You Need To Know

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October 4, 2020 0 Comments

Like many natural substances, there tend to be various strains and versions, all with fluctuating degrees of strength, quality, and effect. When it comes to Kratom, one of the most popular types is Maeng Da Kratom. While many people are aware of its higher quality, its history is unclear.

What Is It?

When looking at the origin of Maeng Da Kratom or Maeng Da Thai Kratom, it is essential to note that Maeng Da is Thai slang meaning “procurer” or “pimp.” There is technically no official translation, so many people have come to know Maeng Da Kratom as “pimp’s grade kratom.” This name tends to refer to the higher potency of the strain compared to others.

As you may know, Kratom comes in various strain colors, including green, white, and red. Maeng Da Kratom is also available in these strains; however, growers use grafting to combine multiple strains. In science, grafting is when numerous genetic qualities from different strains are combined into a novel strain. Kratom’s grafting process involves growing the upper part of the Kratom tree onto an alternate plant’s roots.

The combination used to create Maeng Da Kratom resulted from grafting between green Kratom and red vein.

Does Maeng Da Have The Most Superior Quality?

Depending on where the Maeng Da was grown and the grower, the quality will vary. Most people think of it as the most premium grade Kratom you can buy because of its origins in Thailand. The soil in Thailand tends to be very alkaloid rich, which transfers into the plant through its growth. While Thailand is the origin of Maeng Da, many other growers worldwide are still able to grow Maeng Da while still acquiring a higher concentration of alkaloids.

If growers want to increase the alkaloid content in their plants, manipulation is the best method. Some studies have been done that show manipulations choosing nutritional and physical elements from the specimens is the best approach.

Some believe that the main priority when creating Maeng Da was for a Kratom strain with quality and potency at its forefront. Maeng Da is a higher grade product or a more premium version of Kratom with the correct soil and process behind it. The higher the nutritional content of the soil that Maeng Da is grown in, the higher the quality product it will produce. Other strains can be a by-product of nutrient-dense soil, especially if other proper care habits are in place like routine watering.

When looking at products like Maeng Da powder that is enhanced, consumers and growers alike can see that the growing practices used to create the product yield a higher quality final product. The conditions are improved or curated, using specific fertilizers, soil, and other conditions to grow a plant high in alkaloid content.

How Much Maeng Da Should I Purchase?

Just like any product, if you have been a long-time user and are familiar with the experience, you should have no problem buying a larger quantity as you know you are going to be using it. However, if you have never tried Kratom before, you may be better off purchasing a lower amount. The best way to determine the proper amount to buy is by examining the different packages available and the amount of Maeng Da in each capsule or bag.


The average capsule quantity of Maeng Da Kratom is approximately 700mg. The convenience of buying capsules is recommended for beginners and experts alike because you can easily transport it or store it in your home. Depending on your experience level, you may opt for a smaller bag containing about 25 capsules. In contrast, someone who is a little more familiar may opt for a bag containing approximately 100 700mg capsules.


When buying bulk, Maeng Da powder is the superior form. Again the quantity you should purchase will vary depending on your experience level. If you are starting out, try something around the one-ounce amount. If you enjoy it, maybe next time buy a pound. Depending on how often and other references regarding your intake, you may choose different quantities. Buying powder from Maeng Da is excellent for all types of users because of its versatility. Many people choose to make tea or bake with it.

Maeng Da Properties

As one of Kratom’s most popular strains, you may be curious as to what inside of it makes it so desirable. 7-Hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine are the two alkaloids within Maeng Da, and the right balance between the two is what gives it its superior properties.

As scientific research has yielded somewhat unclear results regarding Maeng Da, getting information on its properties is challenging. When looking at Kratom leaves from Malaysia, there is a 12% concentration of mitragynine, while Thailand’s plants have a 66 % concentration.

Importance Of Care

For Maeng Da to yield the highest quality possible, the utmost care has to be taken. From the proper soil to the right fertilizer, every step of the process is critical in growing this plant and producing Maeng Da Kratom. Other Kratom strains do not require specific conditions to be grown, so with Maeng Da, you can be sure you are buying the highest quality product out there.

Author : Andy Cyrus