Learning About Kratom & Beauty Products

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November 7, 2020 0 Comments

As more natural remedies become popular throughout America, skincare brands and beauty products are jumping on board, incorporating natural herbs into their products. If you are looking for a new way to level-up your skincare, you should be thinking about Kratom based products. From essential oils to bath bombs, Kratom products are becoming a welcomed addition to people’s skin care regimes across America.

Kratom: What Is It?

Before you start thinking about the different products, you will want to have a better understanding of what Kratom is. Cultures have been using the mitragyna speciosa tree throughout Southeast Asia, found deep in moist rainforests, as a medicinal herb. Within the past decade, the popularity of Kratom has grown throughout the Western world. While most people were seeking out the powders, extracts, and capsules, now Kratom based beauty products are all the rage.

Even though many advocates, health experts, and indigenous peoples recognize the health benefits that Kratom could offer, the FDA has imposed regulations on the substance, saying that it can only be purchased or used for research. So if you are looking to try out Kratom, you must find out how it best benefits yourself.

What To Expect From The Kratom Beauty Experience

No matter if you want to create your products or buy already formulated ones, using Kratom in your beauty routine will introduce you to a whole new world of active compounds. Check out what to expect from some of these synergistic blends.

High-Quality Formulations

There’s no use skipping steps when choosing and creating the best beauty products. When buying Kratom beauty products from a reputable manufacturer, you can guarantee that the formulations are high-quality and expertly balanced. Make sure to always double-check to ensure that you are only dealing with the best.

Nutrient-Rich Blends

While some natural beauty products only have a small percentage of medicinal herbs present, Kratom beauty products are very nutrient-dense. These oil-based products help to purify the skin. If you are using the right products, it will result in more supple, healthy, and soft skin. The most common blends are with olive, coconut, castor, and avocado oils.


One of the things you can expect from these products is a balance in oil production in your skin. While you may think it is counterintuitive to use oily products to combat oiliness, it will help create a balance rather than stripping your skin of the oils that are combated by producing more oil.

Rich in Antioxidants

Two of the most vital compounds that Kratom beauty products will deliver to your skin are Rhamnose and Catechin. These are incredible for fighting oxidation that can occur within your epidermis. Oxidation can damage your skin cells over time, so you must be actively fighting against it.

Most Common Products Available

Kratom can take the form of various types of beauty products. While you can try and look for these products at a vendor, you can also try and make them yourself. Outlined below are some of the most common.

Essential Oils

Essential oil is made from distilling a botanical into a concentrated form. You can use these for aromatherapy and various other applications. As essential oils can be very potent, you want to make sure that you are only using a bit of them. To create one with Kratom, take 10ml of your favorite oil and combine it with .1g of Kratom.

Face & Body Creams

If you love a specific face cream, why not try and combine it with Kratom? Kratom face creams are one of the most popular products for Kratom enthusiasts everywhere. You can look up a recipe for a simple cream recipe, or combine your Kratom essential oil with your favorite cream for an aromatic experience.

Bath Bombs

One of the most enjoyable forms of Kratom beauty products that you can purchase is the bath bomb. Bath bombs are incredibly useful in calming the body and providing your muscles with relief while simultaneously moisturizing your skin. If you want, you can create your bath bomb reasonably simply. You just have to make sure you wait for them to dry before using them.

Always Choose Premium

One of the best ways to ensure the beauty products you buy will be beneficial is if the Kratom you are using is premium. Too many people opt for Kratom vendors that offer them deals that are too good to be true. These products are usually of worse quality, and they are not going to provide you with the same benefits as premium products.

Purchasing premium products not only helps you, but it helps support a healthy, more fair-trade Kratom production cycle. With more support, the more likely Kratom will be accepted as a therapeutic substance. With widespread acceptance, the FDA may lift its harsh restrictions on its availability and use.

Author : Andy Cyrus