Kratom Research Needs to Continue

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August 16, 2020 0 Comments

Kratom is an important part of the supplement routine of many people in the United States today. In recent years, this product, which is made from the ground leaves of the mitragyna speciosa plant, can provide users with a wide range of benefits. However, even though it is a popular product that seems to be getting more attention with each passing year, there is still not much known about it. Researchers do not have as much information about the plant as they would like.

Although kratom is still relatively new in the United States, it has a long history in certain parts of the world. The plant originates in Southeast Asia, where it has been used by the people in that region for centuries. Despite the history in those countries, there has not been much research done, particularly in the Western world.

This has led to there being many questions regarding kratom that are not easily answerable by science. Some do not believe the hype around kratom, while others believe the plant could provide a range of benefits to those who use it.

The lack of scientific knowledge regarding kratom means that more research needs to be done on this plant to help find definitive answers. Without proper research, kratom will remain a mystery, which means that some might dismiss it entirely or use it incorrectly.

The Key Alkaloids in Kratom

What is it that causes the psychoactive properties in kratom? The research that has been done shows that there are many alkaloids in the leaves of the plant. The two alkaloids that are believed to be responsible for the benefits that kratom can provide are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitraginine.

Research that is being done tends to focus on mitragynine. It is believed that this alkaloid makes up about 60% of the overall alkaloids in the plant. Its prominence is what has caused researchers to delve into this area. They feel that this is where the most value is in the plant. However, researchers mustn’t forget about the other alkaloids.

Even though mitragynine is getting some attention, it and the other primary alkaloid, 7-hydroxymitraginine, are not being investigated as much as they should be. Without scientific research that has facts to back up the anecdotal claims, it will be impossible to determine how they can best be used.

At this time, kratom is not regulated in the United States by the FDA. While this provides manufacturers with the freedom to produce and sell their products, it also means that there are not any guidelines in the manufacture. Without guidelines, some manufacturers could be making subpar products and even contaminated products. For this reason, those who are buying kratom need to be sure they are only buying from a company with a good reputation in the field. While rare, there have been instances of low-quality companies selling kratom that was contaminated with salmonella bacteria. Buying from a reputable vendor is always advised.

If more studies take into account the safety and health of manufacturing practices in the kratom they are using, it could help to create a stronger set of protocols and regulations for companies to follow. This would have a benefit for the consumers, as it would mean that the products being manufactured are safe and fresh.

Why is Research Difficult?

If kratom is so popular, you may be wondering why there aren’t more scientists and researchers conducting studies in this area. One of the biggest reasons is that it can be difficult to study because there is so much variety in the plant depending on factors such as the time it is harvested. Different harvest times can change the alkaloid makeup, which could change some of the benefits that the kratom can provide.

Many different kratom strains are available today, and there are different vein colors. The vein color will depend on when the plant is harvested. White is harvested earlier in the season, while green veins mean that the plant is nearly mature. Red veins are on fully mature plants. Some strains are fermented before they are sold. Some are cured in the sun while others are not. All of these differences can affect the results of a study.

Unfortunately, studies that have been done do not usually account for the differences in the color and strain, which could lead to conflicting results. If two different studies were using the same protocols and conditions except for the color of the leaf veins and strains, the results could be different. This can lead to confusion, and it could cause some to dismiss kratom entirely.

This means that there need to be not only more studies but larger studies that can account for the variables of the kratom that is used. Only with more studies will the scientific world get to the bottom of the benefits that kratom can offer through the many different colors and strains.

Of course, studies will take time to complete, and kratom is still in the early stages despite being used for so many years. Hopefully, more researchers will start to want to look deeper into the potential that the plant can offer. Only time will tell whether more researchers take up the mantle and put efforts toward demystifying kratom.

What Does This Mean for Buyers Today?

Fortunately, there are no regulations on buying kratom, and it is possible to find a wide range of different strains and colors today in powder and capsule form. Because the product is readily available, people can find the solution that works best for them. Some love the green strains, while others prefer white or red for their needs. It is possible to buy several options and try each separately over the course of several months. This allows you to find the aroma that best suits you.

Always Buy the Best

When you are searching for kratom to buy, you should always buy from a reputable seller. Learn more about how they make their kratom. You are looking for those that take care to provide pure and safe kratom that is lab-tested and that can be provided fresh.

We strive to always provide quality products that are harvested, processed, and packaged properly and safely, and you can be sure you are receiving pure, fresh kratom when you place your order.

Author : Andy Cyrus