Kratom – How You Can Help to Spread the Word

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August 3, 2019 0 Comments

Kratom is still largely unheard of among the general population, and while the anti-Kratom powers that be are the loudest voices, the message won’t get through to the people who matter – the general public.

Far from being something that should be brushed under the carpet, Kratom has many campaigners from all walks of life – from teachers to lawyers, and parents to grandparents, Kratom is fast becoming recognized as a useful tool, and the more people who hear about it, the better.

So What Can I do?

Good question! The problem is, we as individuals tend to think ‘I’m just one person, what difference can I make?’, but one voice becomes two, and two becomes twenty, and before you know it the numbers have swollen and people have to sit up and take notice. With the FDA moving to ban Kratom altogether, advocates of the plant are working towards regulation instead, which will not only help to give Kratom an ‘identity’, but it will also protect customers and ensure that the product comes from reputable sources.

Get it Seen

Get the general public used to seeing Kratom around. That doesn’t mean leaving the product lying on the coffee table, but rather using items which promote it. For instance, your local Kratom shop (if you have one) will sell all manner of items, from laptop stickers to keychains, books, mugs…each store will have its own range of items, but if you haven’t got a shop nearby, take a look online. The important thing is to bring Kratom out of the shadows and into the public eye.

Of course, by buying from a Kratom shop you will also be supporting small businesses, and what’s more, the owners will be experts on the plant and will happily give you all the information you need.

Be a Keyboard Warrior

And we mean that in the best possible way! If there isn’t a Kratom shop nearby, grab your laptop and check out online Kratom communities. As it grows in popularity, groups are popping up all over the place, and you can find discussions and forums galore. Make full use of social media and see if there are Kratom Facebook groups, for instance, or check out Reddit which has thriving discussion boards which will have THE most up to date information and happenings in the Kratom world. Another avenue to explore is online retailers who often have forums attached.

Know the Law

Until there is some kind of uniformity to Kratom legislation, it will remain a gray area, so make sure you familiarize yourself with not only the law in your area, but also the law in general. That way, you’re protecting yourself, but you will also be in a better position to educate people about what Kratom is.

If someone tells you that Kratom is dangerous, agree with them that it can be dangerous if bought from unreliable sources, which is why it is in everyone’s best interests to regulate it rather than banning it. An outright ban will push it underground and allow unscrupulous vendors to sell sub-standard or even dangerous products.

Join In

With such ambiguity surrounding Kratom, meetings are being held up and down the country at the moment, so go along and support the pro-Kratom contingents. Sign petitions, show up for town hall meetings…be seen to support the cause.

Stick to Reliable Vendors

One of the best ways to ensure that Kratom is regarded as a safe product is to make sure you only buy from reputable sources. Steer well clear of those who make wild or unsubstantiated claims, and ask questions – again, it’s all about educating yourself, so make sure you find out about lab testing, and whether information about testing is available to you. Learn about the alkaloids present in Kratom, and find out whether the product has been tested for those alkaloids. Is the vendor’s supplier reputable? How do they know? Ask them how they feel about regulation. Any vendor worth their salt will be more than happy to answer these questions, and if they’re not, find another stockist.

We all need to do our bit to help stop the ban and support regulation, and the more you know the better placed you will be to help make that happen. The American Kratom Association (AKA) is a wealth of information, and you can contact them to learn more, and to find out how you can help at both a local and national level.

Author : Andy Cyrus