Kratom at Its Source – The Leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa

kratom leaves
August 19, 2020 0 Comments

Many people today are familiar with the name kratom, but they might not have heard of mitragyna speciosa. This is the proper name of the tropical tree from which kratom is derived. Some people simply call it the kratom tree. The leaves of the kratom tree have been an important part of several Southeast Asian cultures for hundreds of years. These leaves have also recently made their way westward.

Many people in the United States have taken to using powder made from dried and cured kratom leaves. They will often place some of the powder into a drink, such as a smoothie or tea. Capsules are available, as well.

Why are so many people in the United States becoming interested in kratom? While there is still quite a bit about the plant that is unknown, users report a host of benefits from the powder. It could be a good option for you to try, as well. Of course, you likely want to know more about kratom first. Having a better understanding of where it comes from and how it is made is important not just for kratom, but for any supplement that you are considering.

The Tree

The mitragyna speciosa plant is a tree found in Southeast Asia. The tree can grow to varying heights based on the amount of sunlight and water it receives. Some trees may be as small as 13’ high, while others can grow to 60’, 80’, and beyond with trunks that are several feet in diameter. However, it’s not the size of the tree that matters. Rather, it is the leaves. These dark green leaves can grow up to 8” long and 5” wide.

These leaves contain a range of alkaloids. Two of the most important are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. It is believed that these alkaloids are the source of many of the touted benefits that kratom offers.

Some of the locations where these trees are found include Thailand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, and Malaysia. The leaves of these trees have been important to local cultures for a long time, and today, there are many farms dedicated to kratom trees. This helps to ensure there is a large supply of kratom available.

The Strains

When people purchase kratom today, they are often looking for specific strains or colors. Often, the names of the kratom will include these indicators, so people can be sure they are getting what they need. The leaves, depending on when they are harvested, will have different color veins. They could be green, red, or white. The white is the youngest leaves, while the red is the most mature. Green leaves are mature but fall between the white and red.

In addition to the color of the veins, the location from which the kratom was harvested is included in the strain name. For example, it may include the name of the region where the kratom was produced, such as Borneo, Bali, or Sumatra. Many kratom buyers will try several different strains before finding the one they like the best.

Processing the Leaves

There are different methods for processing kratom based on the strain and to achieve different results. Gold kratom, which is also known as yellow kratom, is made using any strain – red, white, or green – that has been dried in the sun. Kratom leaves that are fermented when being cured are used to make bentuangie kratom. Boiling the leaves down until only resin is left will create kratom extract. This ensures that there will be a large amount of the active alkaloids left.

People who live in the countries where kratom grows naturally will often use the leaves to chew right from the tree, or they might make a tea from them. Many people who use kratom in Southeast Asia do so because it provides them with some added energy and an improved ability to focus on their work. It is a popular option for manual laborers, who feel that it makes them more productive.

However, many people around the world choose powder for their kratom, and when they buy from a quality manufacturer and seller, they can be sure they are getting pure kratom that is not laden with filler, additives, or chemicals. You always want to be sure you are getting just the leaves that have been ground into the powder.

When you are choosing kratom, you will find that there are many options available, and many ways in which you can consume the powder. As mentioned, the most common ways are to put it into a tea or a smoothie, but you could stir the powder into just about any beverage that you would like. For those who do not want to use the powder in their drinks, there is the option of choosing kratom powder capsules.

Always Choose Quality

Today, many companies are offering kratom powder. However, this does not mean that all of the companies offering the powder and capsules will be worth your time and money. Because there are no FDA regulations regarding kratom currently, companies are not required to meet any sort of standards or follow certain practices during the manufacture of the powder. This means that some of the companies may not be using the best product or the cleanest manufacturing methods.

When you buy kratom, you want to be sure that you have pure kratom that is fresh and that is made in a safe and hygienic environment. Take the time to learn more about the company you are considering buying the product from to be sure they are producing quality kratom and that they use safe methods. It should be responsibly sourced, and it should be lab-tested to ensure purity and quality. Additionally, the company should be able to send your orders to your home.

We have a high-quality facility and produce pure kratom for our customers. You can get in touch to learn more about the options we offer and to find the products that are right for your needs.

Author : Andy Cyrus