How To Be A Kratom Advocate In The USA

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October 13, 2020 0 Comments

Natural products need the backing of supporters and advocates as their legitimacy and efficacy are often questioned. In the United States, the Kratom advocates have played a critical role in its widespread availability. Kratom could have ended up as a Schedule I substance where it would have been extremely challenging for people to purchase. While many people think that because Kratom is widely available in states where it is legal, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Kratom is still under siege by the spread of inaccurate information, slanderous comments, and people who want to see it banned.

Kratom’s Legal Battles

Throughout the past few decades, there has been a long battle between Kratom advocates, manufacturers, US lawmakers, and larger importing pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies have a significant amount of power, as they are so massive. This power can influence and pressure regulators and legislators to limit the number of natural products imported into the country. Throughout these battles, Kratom has been named a party drug, dangerous, and an opioid alternative. These rumors and slanderous remarks only spread and worsen because distributors and Kratom manufacturers are limited in what information they can provide to potential customers.

Up until April 2019, Scott Gottlieb was the FDA’s commissioner, and under his leadership, it took a solid position against Kratom. The primary tactic was to scare consumers using minimal evidence backed by science. Additionally, it is known that the FDA has made use of algorithms and simulations to make Kratom seem like a threat to public health with hints being made that it is on par with controlled substances like dangerous methamphetamines and cocaine. With distributors and vendors unable to give out information, pharmaceutical companies and legislators can easily promote Kratom’s idea of being harmful.

Kratom continues to be met with scrutiny and skepticism, with lawmakers still considering making it a Schedule I controlled substance. The best way to try and push against this is by becoming a Kratom advocate. The more information that people seek out through research, the more beneficial information will spread.

Main Threats To Kratom

Of the main threats that Kratom has to battle against, the low number of people outside of the small Kratom community know a lot about the plant and its use. As it is not a natural species to the United States and comes from the mitragyna speciosa tree in Southeast Asia, many people are unaware of its existence. As no one sees advertisements on television or talk show hosts speaking about, it is not so publicly known.

The second threat that wreaks havoc on Kratom’s legitimacy is the misinformation that flies around. Kratom advocates spend a lot of their time correcting misinformation. People who are misinformed tend to consider it another party drug or opioid. These rumors are strengthened by larger companies that could lose out on business if Kratom became more widespread. While it could be a very beneficial product to several Americans, it may end up a controlled substance if misinformation continues. There have also been numerous campaigns aimed at dragging Kratom’s reputation through the mud. As there are people who benefit from Kratom’s illegal classification, strong powers are backing these smear campaigns.

Unreputable dealers are another disheartening threat that comes within the Kratom community. These dealers are more interested in gaining a quick and easy product without taking the proper care and steps to ensure the product is safe. If these dealers continue to operate, Kratom will quickly slide into the drug scheduling system as the contaminated products will be more common.

How You Can Be A Kratom Advocate

If you want to see more advocacy for Kratom the best place to start is in your community. If you focus on your behaviors, you can help support Kratom the right way. Listed below are some great ways to start:

  • Make an effort to ensure the proper care of your product. If you have children in your home, make sure Kratom is sealed in a protected case to not stumble upon it. Research facts about Kratom and spend time learning.
  • Make sure that the manufacturers you purchase from are reputable and exercising ethical business practices across the board.
  • Show your support to advocacy groups like the American Kratom Association. These organizations have been fighting to make access to Kratom easier, and if you want to contribute, there are many ways they can get you involved.
  • Contact your local government and tell them about your support for Kratom. You can speak to them about introducing or supporting the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

Standing up for Kratom and its potential benefits is a great way to show your support. As Kratom is under constant threat from legislators and unethical distributors, you want to do your part so that you can see Kratom become more widely accepted.

Author : Andy Cyrus