How Kratom Vendors Are Staying Safe During COVID-19

When there are restrictions around the world limiting social get-togethers and daily life behaviors, businesses are stepping up to the plate and making sure that their operations meet the guidelines set out by government officials.

You can trust that reputable Kratom vendors are taking the necessary steps to guarantee their customers, employees, and products are safe. As it is more important now than ever to ensure safety, you can prevent yourself from getting into an unsafe transaction with a less-reputable dealer that may be cutting safety corners by working with a reliable vendor.

As the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and other public health officials throughout the U.S. have set out clear guidelines for businesses and individuals, you can trust that Kratom vendors are following these closely. They are making changes to their operations, ensuring warehouse and workspace cleanliness are beyond anything in the past.

Product Handling

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, most Kratom vendors required their staff to wear gloves and masks while handling products so that the product could remain as pure as possible. Throughout the packaging process, these safety measures are maintained, a cornerstone of their GMP compliance certification. Gloves and masks are being worn now while cataloging inventory, shipping products, or when an employee must be near a product in any capacity.

On top of masks and gloves, many employees are required to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds regularly. These are recommendations set out by the CDC and have been known to help prevent the highly contagious virus spread.

Physical Distancing

All Kratom vendor staff are now required to physically distance. Everyone must keep at least six feet from one another, ensuring that human-to-human contact never happens. Not only do these measures ensure the safety of the employees and their families, but it also eliminates the risk of jeopardizing customer safety.

If employees can do their job from their homes’ confines, it is now mandatory that they do. A reduced number of employees are allowed on the premises at one time, limiting the potential exposure to the virus.

Sanitization Efforts

At the beginning of an employee’s shift, they are required to sanitize their hands immediately. High-grade, high-strength sanitizer is used to disinfect their hands to ensure that any trace of bacteria or virus is elicited. Additionally, similar high-potency disinfectants are used to wipe down everything in the facilities, including door handles, packaging counters, and even some areas that employees don’t touch. By keeping the facilities clean, customers can count on their product being safe.

A GMP-Compliant Manufacturer

A reputable Kratom vendor that puts care into their products and their customers should be operating within GMP-compliant facilities. As a GMP-compliant manufacturer, you can count on the safety protocols being followed and taken very seriously. Using the 5 Ps, the GMP compliance can be summarized as follows:

  • Procedures
  • Products
  • Processes
  • Premises
  • People

By keeping these five components clean, Kratom vendors can continue operating and delivering high-quality products. GMP compliance is a gold standard around the world for manufacturing, so talk to your prospective Kratom vendor about their efforts and see if they are meeting this standard.

Want To Know More?

If you want to know more about how a specific Kratom vendor keeps their operations safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, give them a call today. Many vendors will be happy to discuss their efforts and demonstrate to their customers that they are ready to take on any challenge. While there may be restrictions in place, it doesn’t mean that your access to high-quality, safe Kratom, needs to be affected.

Author : Andy Cyrus