Go Bulk or Go Home: The Pros and Cons of Purchasing Bulk Kratom Powder

There’s something so fun about buying products in bulk. From ketchup to lotion, the options are endless, and you’ll get to use whatever that you bought for the next two years. Did you know that you can also purchase bulk Kratom? That’s correct! Kratom in bulk means that you got to save cash.


With Kratomystic, you’ll be purchasing the highest level of quality Kratom at prices that are wholesale, which means good for you and your wallet. There are so many more benefits to buying bulk Kratom, but let’s take a look at what the pros and cons are of having your very own supply of a bulk Kratom to enjoy.


The Process of Buying Bulk Kratom


As we’re going to discuss today, the benefits of buying bulk Kratom are endless. The more you buy, the more you save.


The thing to remember about wholesale is that the difference may not be totally crazy on each bill, but when they’re added together over a year, that’s where these savings really make the difference. In some cases, you can save as much as the cost of one whole order. Why pay more when you can pay less? It’s all thanks to wholesale pricing, where the savings will bundle up over time, and you won’t believe how much you’ve saved.


If you simply are not in need of that much Kratom powder, don’t worry, because you can still purchase it at every other size. But remember, the more you buy, the more you save. Just be mindful of your needs and plans as well as the potential for savings.


Buying Bulk Kratom Benefits Mother Earth


It’s interesting to note that purchasing Kratom in bulk is actually very good for the environment. Why, do you ask? That’s because one large order uses far less packaging than small orders throughout the year. In addition, you incur far fewer shipping and delivery charges with one consistent delivery service every few months, but of course, that depends on how often you need a new package of Kratom.


If you think about the amount of waste you’ll save with a bulk order, it’s actually pretty astounding. Here’s a baseline comparison. A single bulk order means one box to ship, with a few strips of tape, as well as approximately 100 gallons of gas. Or you can have little packages delivered, say for example, four packages. That means at least 15 strips of tape for packing and just under 400 gallons of gas.


The writing’s on the wall when it comes to sustainable practices, and it’s really important to be mindful of these facts. Ordering in bulk protects the planet because you’re not producing nearly as much wastage. Reducing carbon footprint is an integral part of saving the planet, and reducing the effects of global warming, with things like reduced use of fossil fuels and decreased production of noxious gases.


So, we’ve covered a lot of the benefits of buying Kratom powder in bulk. However, what are the downsides of purchasing Kratom powder in bulk?

  • Buying Kratom powder in bulk calls for a lot more storage space. Have you ever wandered around a warehouse-type grocery store where the package sizes are massive, and it would take you a year as a single person to use one jug of their enormous laundry detergent?
  • The solution is to buy a bunch of reusable containers and store Kratom in that, and then you can put them in harder to access areas until you need them, and then you can move them into accessible areas in the cupboard.
  • Buying Kratom powder in bulk does mean more storage, but a lot of people enjoy some Kratom powder in their coffee and their tea, or any other hot morning beverage, which means that they’re going to store it right there on their counter. It’s a great excuse to buy a bunch of cute containers to sit beside your coffee maker to enjoy your Kratom powder first thing in the morning.


What If I Buy in Bulk and I Don’t Like It?

In most cases, a package can’t be returned if it’s been opened or used. One pound of Kratom powder could last weeks, if not more, in some people’s cases. It sounds awful to have to spend a couple of weeks, or even more, consuming a powder that you don’t even like. The solution here is to simply not start off by buying a massive amount of bulk Kratom powder. Take your time and decide which ones you like. It may be a single kind, or it may be a number of different kinds. It may be a tea, or maybe a powder.


Let’s Talk About the Process of Purchasing Kratom in Bulk


If you found the flavor, or in many cases for users, a number of flavors that you really enjoy, you should consider buying in bulk. The idea is that although you will get large containers of Kratom powder which you’ll have to store, you’ll save a ton of money over time. In some cases, people save as much as one order a year by ordering in bulk.


The best way to handle storing Kratom powder is by purchasing a number of reusable sealable containers, which again is a great opportunity to show your style, or buy something fun or nostalgic. Just remember that you’ll probably be using your Kratom powder enough, especially in the morning with your hot drink, including tea and coffee, so that you’ll always have one container of it handy on the counter.

Author : Andy Cyrus