Buying Kratom At A Head Shop

Head shops are usually the place where people first discover Kratom. Many head shops throughout the USA sell Kratom, but enthusiasts often wonder why it costs so much. As head shops are not specialized Kratom dealers, they often don’t have the best product, and their knowledge of the product may be minimal. If you do your research and gather the right information, you will realize that buying from a head shop is not the best idea. The best way to purchase Kratom is usually online from a reputable source.

What Is A Head Shop?

Head shops are ubiquitous throughout many countries. These are places where you can buy cannabis paraphernalia, new age items, and tobacco products. The various bongs, pipes, and smoking apparatuses are often all mediums for smoking tobacco. Still, in most cases, customers are aware that there are other uses for these items. There will often be other products at these stores like herbal incense, CBD, and Kratom. Depending on the region, what is legally allowed to be sold in these shops will vary.

The shops that sell these goods are often not specialized in any particular product, and their prices can vary greatly. As they do not know much about Kratom, they can’t provide customers with any accurate information, and often their prices will be much higher than any other vendor. As they can’t guarantee the quality, these are not the best places to be purchasing Kratom.

Old Products

A problem that can occur at head shops is slow sales. As people tend to visit headshops to buy cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia and not Kratom, Kratom stock can often be left sitting on the shelves for months, if not years at a time. As Kratom’s potency can decrease after it has been harvested, it is usually best consumed within three months. While three months is optimal, Kratom can last longer, but it does not guarantee satisfactory results.

As head shops are not the primary spot people visit to purchase Kratom, head shops with some in stock will often witness slow sales and turnover rates. As they will have to discard any products that have sat on the shelves too long, they will increase their prices to make up for their losses. As their loss could be significant, they may jack the costs up to 66% more than you would expect to pay a reputable Kratom dealer.

Increased Overhead

If you have ever been to a head shop, you have probably perused the aisles and noticed the intricate glass bongs and expensive smoking devices. As many of the items in these stores are often unique or handcrafted, their price tag can be high. In most cases, people will visit these stores for the in-store experience itself, to look at all the novelty items for sale.

For the shop owner to procure these items and curate their space, they often will need to spend lots of money maintaining the facility. As these costs usually can be high and sales can be low, customers will witness high prices as they need to find some way to make up for their overhead.

Purchasing Kratom Online

Compared to a headshop, purchasing online is a less expensive way to acquire Kratom. Online suppliers often specialize in Kratom and have taken the proper steps to ensure their customers get the best product for the lowest price possible.

Check out some of the benefits of online Kratom suppliers:

  • Broader Product Range: As their space is entirely digital and they don’t have to pay for shelving space, they can have as much variety of strains on hand as possible. They will often sell various vein colors, extracts, capsules, and pills.
  • They Pay Less Rent: As online suppliers are not renting out retail space, they need to pay only for a warehouse. These are often much less expensive, and the suppliers can focus on their customers rather than curating their store to be inviting.
  • Fresh Product: As the product won’t be sitting on shelves for months, the product from an online supplier will always be fresh. There is more demand, so they quickly turn over what they have in stock and replenish supplies with freshly harvested Kratom.
  • Consistency: When you buy from a reputable dealer, you can always trust that the product will be of high quality every time you buy. You do not have to worry about low-quality products or inconsistencies with potency.

Buying Online: The Best Option

When it comes to buying Kratom, you want to make sure that you are doing so from an online retailer. Head shops are often overpriced, and you can not guarantee the product is fresh. Buying online not only gets you the best product but supports a healthy Kratom production life-cycle. As these suppliers often help Kratom advocacy groups, purchasing from them is an excellent way to show support.

Author : Andy Cyrus