Andy Cyrus Story

When I founded Kraotmystic, I always knew I wanted to create not only a company, but a brand that had a meaning. Being an avid international traveler, I was a frequent flyer to the country of Indonesia from the USA starting in 2009. After vising Indonesia quite frequently, I realized there was a dire need for a quality kratom retailer in the United States that offered affordable kratom products without compromising on quality.

During my travels to Indonesia, I learned everything I could about Kratom and harvesting Kratom. It became clear, the desire to learn about Kratom, it was a new kind of all natural kratom business was necessary. Several years later, what I learned and experienced has turned into a life dream in 2015 when Kratom Mystic was born.

When I began Kratom Mystic in 2015, the online kratom retail business was still growing. Kratom was only an unearthed gem that only few had access to. Following my heart and passion, I started Kratom Mystic in 2015, only providing the highest powders available at an affordable price.

Kratom Mystic has even grown into an amazing team of individuals working together to provide the highest quality Kratom found online today. If you may have any questions for me, please reach out using our contact us page, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.