An Introduction To Kratom Incense

October 25, 2020 0 Comments

If you go to any health food store and peruse the shelves, you may find a section filled with different incense types. Incense is burned to create an aroma. Depending on the size of the incense, the length of the burn will vary. As this practice is growing more popular, along with Kratom, people are looking to Kratom incense as a way to introduce themselves to the substance.

What Is It?

The substance Kratom used to create the incense is formed from the powder, and extracts developed as a result of the cultivation of the mitragyna speciosa tree. This tropical tree grows primarily in Southeast Asia, but as Kratom is increasing in popularity, more growers worldwide are attempting to grow it on their property. After the cultivation, harvest, and refinement of the mitragyna speciosa leaves, the final product is a powder that can be turned into pills, capsules, or other substances. One of the many forms it takes is incense, which is sometimes mixed with other substances to tailor the aroma further.

Purchasing Top-Quality Kratom

If you are buying a substance from an unreputable dealer, you can’t guarantee that you are purchasing the right product. The best way to ensure you are getting the best product out there is by working with a seller that takes extra care when procuring and selling their Kratom. To start, they must be working with local growers around the world where Kratom thrives best, as many of the plants that are grown elsewhere or homegrown tend to be of less quality than those grown in the native soil. The plant’s quality is essential as it significantly contributes to the final product that you will be purchasing. As these dealers are going to be growing their product sometimes in developing nations, they must be socially responsible and ensure that their farmers are getting the fair pay for their work.

Another reason why you need to ensure that you are buying high-quality Kratom is that anything less could be contaminated. Sometimes growers cut corners by using chemical fertilizers and synthetic additives. These can drastically contribute to contamination in the final product, which can be extremely dangerous to ingest. If you want to ensure the safest product possible, the dealer must be reputable.

Burning Kratom

When you decide you are going to burn Kratom you should plan accordingly. Pick a room in your house where you can shut the door and have a moment of privacy and meditation. If other people live in the house with you, they can join you; otherwise, close the doors. You don’t want pets or people wandering in unexpectedly, and some people also might not like the smell. It is also essential to inform people that you will be burning Kratom so that they can choose to be present or not.

As Kratom can have an extremely relaxing effect, you must choose your burning time correctly. You don’t want to do it before you have to drive or operate machinery. Anything that requires your judgment or intense decision should be done before burning your Kratom incense. When choosing a spot to burn the Kratom, make sure there are no loose papers, books, magazines, or other flammable materials. Just in case, you should have a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water nearby should anything catch fire. Depending on how drafty the room is and the Kratom’s position, it could be blown away or fall onto something flammable. Usually, furniture and other fabrics can easily catch fire, so you must be extra cautious.

The Amount

When burning, the max amount you should start with is six grams. Six grams is an optimal amount because it will create an intense aroma and ensure that Kratom is in the air. As powders aren’t the best for burning, you may want to invest in a powder burner where you pack it down before lighting or a charcoal disk that you can set it on. You can purchase these items at any new age store or place where they sell tobacco products.

Burn The Right Way

Kratom insenses are currently sold within the United States for personal research only. The FDA currently does not recognize Kratom as a substance with any benefits or something that should be ingested or consumed. You should never smoke Kratom powder like you would tobacco or cannabis, as it can be extremely dangerous. There should also be fresh air access so that the room does not become too concentrated with smoke.

If you want to burn Kratom the right way, follow these rules. The more people that use Kratom correctly, the more likely it will become less scrutinized by government agencies. As Kratom could offer many people an alternative healing method, consumers and dealers should be doing everything they can to ensure their safety.

Author : Andy Cyrus