Aid Irritated Skin With These 5 Natural Remedies

Does your skin ever get itchy or dry after you take a shower? Do you find yourself uncomfortable throughout the day because of the dryness? If you want to have smooth skin without dealing with irritations throughout the day, you should be looking for natural remedies. Many harsh chemical creams can make your dryness worse or dependent on the creams. In contrast, many natural remedies are long-lasting and make your skin healthier and resistant to irritation over time.

Everyone Is Different

When looking for aids for your irritated skin, you need to remember that an aid for someone else may not work for you. Everyone’s skin is different, and it can take time to find a remedy that will help alleviate your irritation and fits in with your lifestyle. When people speak of skin irritation, it often can refer to a ton of different things. You may speak to a friend who recommends you products only to find out later they were giving you a remedy for eczema when you are dealing with an allergic reaction.

When looking at your skin irritation, it is essential to factor in the potential cause. Is it because you are showering too often? Have you been exposed to a potential allergen? Is your home too dry? As the environment can significantly affect your skin, finding out the potential source is a great way to determine if there is a simple fix you can make in your living environment that could alleviate your irritation. If you find that even after you eliminate all the potential causes and are still having irritated skin, you will want to seek out some natural remedies. Natural remedies will be gentle and effective as they provide a holistic approach rather than a coverup approach, as many chemical creams do.

Effective Natural Remedies

The magical thing about natural remedies is that they are capable of curing many types of irritated skin. If you are suffering from dryness, burning, or even flaking, these can be an aid-all. Not only are they useful, but usually, these types of remedies are very accessible. Many of the ingredients can be found around the home and don’t require you to be spending a ton of money on products that may or may not work.

1. Cold Compress

A cold compress is a great way to soothe irritated skin instantly. You can soak a small washcloth, towel, or other fabric in cold water and let it sit on your irritated skin. A compress is an excellent way to address emergency irritation. You can also use ice cubes wrapped in a towel. You may even benefit from adding comfrey or peppermint leaves/oil onto the compress to cool down any burning sensations in some cases.

2. Aloe Vera

You have probably used aloe vera for a variety of purposes. This gel’s cooling effect is fantastic at relieving all skin irritation types, especially those related to sun damage. Make sure when using aloe vera that you use natural preparations rather than cheap chemical ones. Even better, you can buy a stalk of an aloe vera plant, cut it open, and spread the gel inside all over your skin. If you find this remedy useful, purchase a plant and grow your skin irritation aid at home.

3. Kratom Soap

One of the best ways to aid irritated skin is by using Kratom soap. As Kratom is all natural, if you combine Kratom soap with a natural cream like shea butter or coconut oil, you will find your skin is not only moisturized, but any irritation you have been dealing with long-term will be eliminated.

4. Olive Oil

For hundreds of years, Mediterranean communities have been using olive oil as a staple ingredient in their beauty regimes. As you probably have this ingredient around your home, it is also one of the most accessible remedies. Whether you have dry skin, rashes, or other irritations, the rich fatty acids and Vitamin E will do wonders. Some people even use olive oil to help get rid of age lines on the face.

5. Infused Bath

A great way to simultaneously relax while nourishing your skin is to take a bath. You can add your favorite essential oils to the bath or even coconut oil and olive oil to help alleviate dryness. Some people will also add Kratom powder to the bath to provide a full-body soothe. If you want, you can also burn Kratom incense.

Trial & Error

The main thing to remember with natural remedies is that there will be a lot of trial and error. While some remedies may not be great for you, others could be incredibly successful. Using Kratom as a component of your skin aid regimen, you may find it more effective.

Author : Andy Cyrus