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Here at Kratommystic we are known to be the leading provider of Kratom – also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, serving our clients with a variety of premium strains and extracts. We offer the best products in the market, which have passed top-notch quality assurance tests to ensure that clients get the best. Our service is impeccable, we believe in timely delivery, professionalism, research, competitive pricing and exceeding our customer expectation is our top priority. We have become one of the most preferred choices for botanical research, from private and professional sectors who are seeking high quality products, exceptional service, and materials sourced from impeccable locations. Our main commitment is to deliver a 100% consistent, reliable, and high quality service with superior quality botanicals for the ethnobotanical community. We offer powders that are obtained from organically grown trees and have high alkaloid content for consistency in botanical research.

Our mission is to supply the industry with top quality products for education and further research in botany, ethnobotany, and biochemistry. We stick to our policy of supplying powders and extracts to those interested in learning more about Kratom. We do not sell supplements, herbal remedies, or powder for human consumption. Our clients value the role we play in research as we provide some of the rarest botanicals, which are vital in research. We are highly trusted in ethno botanical community and only top quality products are available for sale.

We take pride in offering high quality products that are grown botanically, these products are harvested, processed, and packaged with top-notch technology, which ensures that the product has high purity content, unadulterated alkaloids and high quality. These specifications are essential in research in order to obtain consistent results.

We believe in exceeding customer expectation and our customer support team will guide you through the entire process. In case of any questions or concerns feel free to contact us via contact page, as we offer the most reliable, and satisfactory customer service.

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